Wafá Jamil Espvall

Wafá Jamil Espvall

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Wafá Jamil
Film and video

Wafá Jamil Espvall has been in film production for 15+ years, dealing with storytelling as well as team leadership, being production manager, program manager, and director-producer. Focusing on Identity on her artistic work, her latest film “Coffee for all nations” was well received from audience, film critics and won several international prizes.

This includes first prize at the Human Rights Film festival Napoli and “Al Ard primo” at Al Ard film festival Sardinian. The cinema critic Mohammed Rouda considered her film “Coffee for all nations” as one of the best five documentary films in the Arabs world in his book (The cinema).

Producer and project manager for “My life is a film” project with the cooperation of Stockholm municipality.

Served as Film Director and producer for many local and international media production companies such as Channel 4 (UK).

Participated in many international film festivals’ markets like: Enjaz: Dubai, Tempo:Sweden, Sheffield: Britain, Medimed: Spain, and IDFA: Amsterdam, and others.


November 28, 2022
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December 7, 2022
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