Siryne Eloued

Siryne Eloued

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Siryne Eloued
Graphic & Visual arts

Siryne Eloued, 

born in Tunis in 1994. 

After two years of higher education in psychology, Siryne joined the Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba (Tunisia), where she obtained a diploma in cinema: writing and directing. 

She took part in the “One Women, One Camera, One Sound” programme at the Danish Lilm school in Copenhagen and the Visual artists Bootcamp,  AFCAcademy. 

Siryne oscillates between cinema, art-video, photography and print making. 

She has made about ten short Lilms, as well as several participations in collective exhibitions and festivals, among them are Jaou the Biennale of Photography in Tunis, DreamCity, Interference International Light Art Festival and an end-of-residency exhibition at the Center des Arts Vivants in Radès. where she spent 11 months there ritualising her practice around therapy through multiple media where she tries to track down the image, between the real and the dreamed, the visible and the occult, shadow and light.

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