Majdal Nateel

Majdal Nateel

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Majdal Nateel
Palestine / Sweden
Graphic & Visual arts

Majdal Nateel-Palestinian artist based currently in Sweden. Nateel received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art from Al-Aqsa University-2009. After that, she started her artistic research and has many participated in different places. The main inspiration for her early artworks was the lived experience and she try to translate the reflections of individual cases on society, such as “Memory’s Salt” -2011 and “The Impact of Light and glass”-2013.

After 2014 the artistic research process began to focus on searching for the value of humanity under political challenges. For example, in 2014, the installation work “If I Was Not There” dedicated the artistic tools to talking on behalf of many children who lost their voices and become victims of the bombs.” Under the same context, she produced “Without Coffins” which was on YAYA shortlist-2014, and “The Dream is Possible” for the same competition in 2016.

Between 2017-2019, she started in “Lane” project, she created an imaginary corridor that helps to overcome the feelings of being stuck in-between the borders, and unable to travel. The characters in this artwork are looking to exit, exit towards the world, without running away from anything, and sheds the light on our humanity, neglected by politics in our small corner of the world.

In the last project “Studying the Voids of Amputation”2020-2021 she linked physical amputation and geographic amputation and produced a body of works on this theme. and recently she was part of the artists who participated in the after-the-turn program “Decolonial and Noncanonical Learning in Gaza”  with Goethe-Institut in Palestine. and was a resident in SPK- Sommerakademie Paul Klee for16-month, the program hosted by the Bern Academy of the Arts HKB.



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